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The Harper's Bazaar Archive

The Harper’s Bazaar Archive includes the complete runs of the US and UK editions of Harper’s Bazaar, from 1867 to the present (US edition) and 1929-2015 (UK edition), fully indexed and searchable.

Mar 21, 2020
The Women's Wear Daily Archive

The Women's Wear Daily Archive provides online access to the definitive fashion and retail publication, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD). The entire archive of WWD, previously unavailable in digital form, opens up new opportunities for research. This authoritative record of how the fashion industry developed over the twentieth century provides valuable primary source material for students across the disciplines of fashion, business, and history.

Mar 21, 2020
Actes Royaux Français, 1256-1794 (French Royal and Administrative Acts, 1256-1794)

One of the largest collections of its kind, Archives Unbound: Actes Royaux Français, 1256-1794 offers a wealth of information on the legislative and administrative history of France, as well as other aspects of French life. About 16,000 pamphlets covering this important period in French history are available in this collection. Dealing with the financial and political administration of France proper from the late 13th century to the end of the monarchy, nearly three-quarters of these pamphlets are concentrated in the 18th century; a considerable number are of earlier origin.

Mar 5, 2020
African American Police League Records

"An invaluable primary-source destination." Read the Booklist review. ProQuest and the Chicago History Museum have worked together to digitize valuable records from the African American Police League (AAPL), founded in the 1960s to fight racial discrimination and police brutality and to improve relations between African Americans and law enforcement

Mar 4, 2020
Archives Unbound: Testaments to the Holocaust Digital Archive

The more than 1,200 unpublished eyewitness accounts contained in this indispensable collection allow the voices of the Nazi persecution victims to speak out in their own words. The uniqueness of these accounts lies in the early date at which they were collected--when the memories were fresh and raw. They predate the coining of the term "Holocaust" to describe the Nazi genocide. As narratives, they are not influenced by the mass of scholarly research, popular writing and film and television programs produced since the mid-1960s.

Mar 5, 2020
Bloomsbury - Arcadian Library Online: Europe and the Ottoman World

From the Battle of Lepanto and collaborations with Francis I in the 16th century, to the Crimean war and joint infrastructure projects of the 19th century, Europe and the Ottoman World: Diplomacy and International Relations documents and explores the complex and evolving interactions between the Ottoman Empire and Europe over the course of six hundred years’ of history. Comprising correspondence, treaties, travel accounts and printed books of exceptional chronological and geographic scope, the collection is an outstanding addition to resources for the study of the Ottoman Empire.

Mar 3, 2020
Bloomsbury - Arcadian Library Online: History of Science & Medicine

Comprising an exceptional set of rare and important manuscripts, incunabula, early printed books and monographs from the ninth century onwards, the History of Science and Medicine collection documents and illustrates the history of the translation, reception and influence of Arabic scholarship in Europe and their lasting influence on Western science, technology and medicine.

Mar 3, 2020
China and the Modern World - Hong Kong Britain and China Product Sheet 1841-1951

Comprises a collection of Hong Kong-related historical records, selected from the British Colonial Office Records grouped under the CO 129 Series titled “War and Colonial Department and Colonial Office: Hong Kong, Original Correspondence”.

Mar 5, 2020
China and the Modern World – Diplomacy and Political Secrets Product Sheet 1860-1950

Comprises a collection of China-related historical records, selected from three sections of a series titled “The India Office Records” held at The British Library: The Political and Secret Department records, the Burma Office records, and the Military Department records. These records—in the form of notes, accounts, reports, correspondence, intelligence diaries, schemes, memoranda, pamphlets, handbooks, gazetteers, and maps—reflect the security concerns of British India. The frontier regions of China bordering British India were considered of strategic importance.

Mar 5, 2020
Jewish Question: Records from the Berlin Document Center

This collection comprises documents from a wide variety of sources, including the Gestapo, local police and government offices, Reich ministries, businesses, etc., pertaining to Jewish communities.

Mar 5, 2020
Jewish Underground Resistance: The David Diamant collection

David Diamant is the pseudonym of David Erlich, a Jewish communist and committed member of the underground resistance during World War II. This collection consists of original documents collected by Diamant over a period of approximately 30 years dealing primarily with the Jewish segment of the French underground resistance; many of the documents originate with communist groups, and some deal with Polish groups. Most of the documents are in French, while some are in Yiddish.

Mar 5, 2020
Mercure de France, 1672-1810

Published from 1672, this influential periodical promised in its first issue to chronicle the activities of luminaries in metropolitan Paris, in the French provinces, and abroad, and to offer good literature to lovers of novels and stories. It was published first under the title Le Mercure Galant by Donneau de Vise. Upon his death it was taken over by Riviere Dufresny (1710), then Lefevre de Fontenay (1714), and Abbot Bucher. In 1724 the title was changed to Le Mercure de France, and the periodical was split into a literary and a political section.

Mar 5, 2020
Nazism in Poland: The Diary of Governor-General Hans Frank

This collection reproduces the Tagebuch or journal of Dr. Hans Frank (1900-1946), the Governor-General of German-occupied Poland from October 1939 until early 1945. The journal is in typed format, in chronological order, covering all aspect of Generalgouvernment (GG) administration from its seat in the royal Wawel castle in Krakau. The entries reflect administrative matters, rather than the spontaneous thoughts or feelings usually found in a diary.

Mar 5, 2020
Oxford Bibliographies Online: Childhood Studies

Developed cooperatively with scholars and librarians worldwide, Oxford Bibliographies offers exclusive, authoritative research guides. Combining the best features of an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia, this cutting-edge resource guides researchers to the best available scholarship across a wide variety of subjects.

Mar 20, 2020
Progressive Era: Voices of Reform, 1875-1945

Leading members of the Progressive Movement proved they were more than idealists with major reforms to solve issues caused by the growth of industrialization following the Civil War.

Mar 4, 2020
Project Syndicate

Project Syndicate is a news organization that produces and delivers original, high-quality commentaries to a global audience. Featuring exclusive contributions by prominent political leaders, policymakers, scholars, business leaders, and civic activists from around the world, we provide news media and their readers cutting-edge analysis and insight. A PS institutional subscription allows for all classroom and other uses, including republishing of PS content in course readers, briefing materials, and so forth.

Mar 20, 2020
Revolutionary War and Early America: Collections from the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1721-1860

The musical "Hamilton" has led to increased interest in one of the most-studied and pivotal periods in American history. Explore 26 collections with diaries, Benjamin Lincoln Papers, Revere Family Papers and more covering the Colonial Era, Revolutionary War, Early National Period and into the Civil War.

Mar 11, 2020
Sex & Sexuality: Research Collections from The Kinsey Institute Library & Special Collections

Sex & Sexuality provides unprecedented access to collections from prominent sex researchers and sexologists. Papers from Dr. John Money and Dr. Harry Benjamin document advances in areas such as diverse as biology, health and medicine, sociology, anthropology, and psychology, whilst collected research from Alice Withrow Field and James W. Edwards offer important investigations into criminology and global attitudes towards sex.

Mar 3, 2020
Socialist Party of America Papers, 1897-1976

Access valuable primary sources for the study of the labor movement, civil rights, anti-war activities, and the history of the “American Left.” In addition to documenting the Party's activities in furthering these causes, the collection also records the Party's pursuit of its goals with organizations such as the League for Industrial Democracy, the Southern Tenants Farmers Union, Americans for Democratic Action, and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Mar 4, 2020
Wittgenstein: Nachlass

The collection includes all of Wittgenstein's unpublished manuscripts, typescripts, dictations, and most of his notebooks. "The Nachlass" was catalogued by G. H. von Wright in his "The Wittgenstein Papers", first published in 1969, and later updated and included as a chapter with the same title in his book "Wittgenstein", published by Blackwell (and by the University of Minnesota Press in the U.S.) in 1982.

Mar 15, 2020