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Chinese Communist Party Database (中国共产党思想理论资源数据库)

中央党政文件文献、党和国家领导人著作、最新权威发布的法律法规等; 人民出版社出品;目前收录图书分为14个子库,19400余册。每年更新量约为1000 种左右. 除少量早期书籍,其余图书均支持全文检索.
Central party and government documents, works by party and state leaders, the latest authoritative laws and regulations, etc.; produced by People's Publishing House; currently included books are divided into 14 sub-banks with more than 19,400 volumes. The annual update volume is about 1,000. Except for a small number of early books, the rest of the books support full-text retrieval.

Sep 30, 2021